Could NOGOV be Real?

Phillip Puckett, the state senator from Virginia is reportedly going to resign in order to take a position as Deputy Director of the State Tobacco Commission. Now these things happen, but it’s how it happened that smells of one of the most corrupting things going on in government. According to Talking Points Memo, the GOP persuaded Puckett to step down in exchange for the offer. This would give the Republicans a majority in the Senate, which they could use to prevent a state expansion of Medicaid.

This is exactly the sort of thing NOGOV would do in Take the Pilgrim Road. But that was a work of fiction. This is real. What does this say about the state of democracy in the real United States of America? UPDATE: According to the Daily Kos Puckett decided not to take the job as well as his daughter who was supposed to get a judgeship. No word on if he’s still leaving the Senate.


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