Welcome Pilgrims is designed around fans of the book–Take the Pilgrim Road. This is an exciting first novel by Frank T. Klus that deals with the conflict surrounding the meaning of the American dream. (See About Take the Pilgrim Road for everything about the book). If you haven’t read the book check out the video trailer or check out the reviews for the book.

And there’s plenty more to see. Cooperatives are suggested as a solution to the ever-increasing corruption of capitalism through corporatism. Check out the cooperative corner on the menu.

We know our government doesn’t work the way it should anymore. Dysfunction in government through corporatism is a major theme in the book. So we’ve linked to news feeds that talk about this.

Finally, in the Author’s Corner I talk about what I’m doing now and what I’m writing. There’s also a place for other authors to offer their services. Hope you enjoy it.


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