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Review of Blue Coyote Motel by Dianne Harmon

In a desolate area in the California desert stands a motel named after a blue coyote—an Indian painting. A disparate group of people with hurting or shady pasts and self-inflicted wounds to the soul stop at this cheery looking place in the middle of nowhere, and are suddenly rejuvenated—like some sort of magical elixir. While they go on to do many great things the effect does begin to wear off. They decide to go back to the motel where they discover the Coyote’s deep dark secret.

Dianne’s best selling novel keeps the reader in suspense as we follow the lives of this contrasting group of people. The shocking ending and the truths that it reveals will keep the reader from being able to put the book down and prepares the one for the exciting sequel to Blue Coyote Motel.



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